WavePark Mentawai Trip Rates and Schedule 2018

WavePark Mentawai all-inclusive trip packages operate on a set schedule for arrivals and departures due to transport availability getting to and from Mentawai.  Trips have minimum stays of 8 days in early/late season or 10 and 11 days in regular season.  Contact us if you would like to inquire about a shorter or longer trip.


Regular Season: March 18 – November 2

10 day visit$2,450 USD all-inclusive, per guest
11 day visit$2,695 USD all-inclusive, per guest
21 day visit$5,145 USD all-inclusive, per guest

Early and Late Season: All other dates

8 day visit$1,600 USD all-inclusive, per guest
15 day visit$2,800 USD all-inclusive, per guest
22 day visit$4,000 USD all-inclusive, per guest

We keep our groups small to be able to give you the best experience. Our trips sell out far in advance – reserve your spot today!

Reserve your spot

  • Regular Season rates do not include a $500 per trip fee for private speedboat charter across the 180km channel separating Sumatra and Mentawai.  The trip takes 4 hours or less, weather permitting.
  • Channel transfers for Early and Late season are by public ferries and already included in the price.

Schedule of trip dates

All trips through 2018 are listed below. For longer stays at a discounted rate, book 2 or 3 trips back to back!


2018 Trips

Trip #DatesDaysSeason 
14May 9 - May 1810RegularSee Availability
15May 19 – May 2911RegularSee Availability
16May 30 - June 810RegularSee Availability
17June 9 - June 1911RegularSee Availability
18June 20 - June 2910RegularSee Availability
19June 30 - July 1011RegularSee Availability
20July 11 - July 2010RegularSee Availability
21July 21 – July 3111RegularSee Availability
22August 1 - August 1010RegularSee Availability
23August 11 – August 2111RegularSee Availability
24August 22 - August 3110RegularSee Availability
25Sept 1 - Sept 1111RegularSee Availability
26Sept 12 - Sept 2110RegularSee Availability
27Sept 22 – Oct 211RegularSee Availability
28Oct 3 – Oct 1210RegularSee Availability
29Oct 13 – Oct 2311RegularSee Availability
30Oct 24 – Nov 210RegularSee Availability
31November 3 - November 108LateSee Availability
32November 10 - November 178LateSee Availability
33November 17 - November 24 **8LateSee Availability
34November 24 - Dec 1 **8LateSee Availability
35December 1 - December 8 **8LateSee Availability

** Trips with a 4 guest minimum booking.

2019 Rates and Schedule

Not sure yet which dates you’re interested in? Drop us a line below and we can help you plan your trip.