WavePark Mentawai Trip Rates and Schedule 2018

WavePark Mentawai trip packages operate on a set schedule for arrivals and departures due to transport availability getting to and from Mentawai.  Trips have minimum stays of 8 days in early/late season or 10 and 11 days in regular season.  Contact us if you would like to inquire about a shorter or longer trip.


Our trips vary in length and price depending on the season.

  • In 2018, “Regular Season Rates” is from March 18 – November 2.
  • Regular Season rates do not include a $500 per trip fee for private speedboat charter across the 180km channel separating Sumatra and Mentawai.  The trip takes 4 hours or less, weather permitting.
  • All other dates are considered “Early” or “Late” season.
  • Channel transfers for Early and Late season are by public ferries and already included in the price.


Early and Late Season

8 day visit$1,600 USD all-inclusive, per guest
15 day visit$2,800 USD all-inclusive, per guest
22 day visit$4,000 USD all-inclusive, per guest

Regular Season

10 day visit$2,450 USD all-inclusive, per guest
11 day visit$2,695 USD all-inclusive, per guest
21 day visit$5,145 USD all-inclusive, per guest

Schedule of trip dates

All trips through 2018 are listed below. For longer stays at a discounted rate, book 2 or 3 trips back to back!


2018 Trips

Trip #DatesDaysSeason 
14May 9 - May 1810RegularSee Availability
15May 19 – May 2911RegularSee Availability
16May 30 - June 810RegularSee Availability
17June 9 - June 1911RegularSee Availability
18June 20 - June 2910RegularSee Availability
19June 30 - July 1011RegularSee Availability
20July 11 - July 2010RegularSee Availability
21July 21 – July 3111RegularSee Availability
22August 1 - August 1010RegularSee Availability
23August 11 – August 2111RegularSee Availability
24August 22 - August 3110RegularSee Availability
25Sept 1 - Sept 1111RegularSee Availability
26Sept 12 - Sept 2110RegularSee Availability
27Sept 22 – Oct 211RegularSee Availability
28Oct 3 – Oct 1210RegularSee Availability
29Oct 13 – Oct 2311RegularSee Availability
30Oct 24 – Nov 210RegularSee Availability
31November 3 - November 108LateSee Availability
32November 10 - November 178LateSee Availability
33November 17 - November 24 **8LateSee Availability
34November 24 - Dec 1 **8LateSee Availability
35December 1 - December 8 **8LateSee Availability

** Trips with a 4 guest minimum booking.