Christie high line at Rifles Mentawai

About WavePark Mentawai

WavePark is the original Mentawai surf resort destination for adventure seekers in the Mentawai Islands, West Sumatra, Indonesia. WavePark Resort Mentawai trades as PT. Harta Karun, which is a registered PMA in Indonesia since 2001 and based in Padang, West Sumatra, Indonesia.

Hosting guests since 1998, WavePark Mentawai is the original full service land-based surfing resort in the Mentawai Islands. Opened by the Governor of West Sumatra, our resort is fully government licensed to operate as an exclusive resort in the Mentawai islands.  Our tropical island resort is built in the local style with sago palm thatched roofing and hard wood floors, earning a distinction of Sustainable by STOKE certified.  We are also the Mentawai Traveller’s Choice 2016, as awarded by Tripadvisor.

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Located in northern Mentawai near playgrounds, the WavePark offers 26 different waves to choose from that we have designated beginner, intermediate and advanced.

We are proud of our extensive knowledge of Mentawai waves as well as local weather conditions built up from a combined 31 years of experience. With unrivaled speed and comfort between lineups you will get better surf, more often with less people around. We are also the only resort to regularly travel inter-island to look for waves. With our new speedboat service, you’ll be able to reach Telescopes, Scarecrows, Icelands and other nooks and crannies on the north coast of Sipora, over 20 nautical miles away, all included during the regular season!

All-Inclusive Packages

If surfing the best waves of your life, sleeping on an exclusive tropical island, swimming, snorkeling and fishing in a gin-clear lagoon while making new friends sounds like your style, drop us a line!