A World-Class Vacation..

The Island at WavePark is paradise for all our guests, regardless of whether they’re visiting to surf perfect waves or not. Surfers and their families will find an abundance of space and time to seek out much needed relaxation and quality time with each other.

Whether you want to relax on the beach, play in the surf, explore the reef, kayak, SUP or embark on a fishing adventure; the island is a world-class activity getaway, and all activities are included in your all-inclusive daily price. We are family friendly, so bring them all. We don’t have a minimum booking requirement, so come even if your family can’t make it. Yes, our waves are world-class, but so is the experience of simply being on the Island. See some highlights in our blog below.

Island Sports (not surfing)

We’re dedicated to making sure that you have the gear necessary to enjoy our beautiful island playground with fishing, kayaking, SUP, snorkeling equipment all included in the price of your trip. We have 4 solo sea kayaks, 2 11ft. SUP boards (not for surfing), and lots of snorkeling equipment including swim fins. We supply the boats, guides and rods for fishing, but ask that guests bring their own lures to tow behind the boats.

Indonesian Culture and Landscape

All of our local staff are from the villages closest to us, and they are happy to take you on a tour of their village.  We’ll organize a boat and personal guide to explore the main island of Siberut, and can also book longer treks into the jungle to visit the Shaman. Take in the stunning forest biomass and mangrove waterways. Get to the know the people who have lived here for thousands of years, completely independent of western development.

Wavepark Views

Island Music

Here at WavePark we love to make music, and have invested in instruments that we leave lying around for the guests to pick up and use. If WavePark founder Christie is on your trip, he loves to set up the recording studio and get the riffs, jingles and beats into his music studio  Complete with vocal and condenser mics, electric guitar and bass, hand drums and percussion instruments and multiple acoustic guitars, bring the whole band and book out the island to cut your new album!

The bar always appreciates people who share their musical talents.