The Resort

Wake up to the sounds of  the sounds of waves lapping on the shoreline 20 meters away, palm fronds swaying in the breeze, and the sounds of birds in the jungle treetops.

Beach Bungalows

Our 6 private bungalows are designed and built using a combination of local and modern materials. Sago palm thatched roofing and hardwood floors keep the Mentawai vibe, while modern dacron pillows and all weather outdoor furniture provide modern comforts.

The bungalows are complete with:

  • Indoor/outdoor bathroom en-suite, complete with a double vanity and a western-style toilet
  • Couple’s shower with hot/cold rainwater complete with liquid body wash and shampoo
  • Bath towels are supplied and refreshed by housekeeping
  • Outdoor day beds on the front verandah and chaise lounges on the beach for each bungalow
  • 220v electrical outlets and fans for each bed available 24/7
  • In-room sound system and security safe
  • Luggage and board bag storage
  • Daily laundry service available
  • Personal wardrobe, hangers, umbrella and flashlight for each guest

The bungalows are designed to ideally accommodate a couple or two single travellers.  However, the bed setup is flexible and can comfortably accommodate a family of 4:  two in a private bedroom, and 2 in a shared living room space.  We can accommodate 5 per bungalow upon special request.

All of the materials used during construction are from the Mentawai islands except the screws, bolts, nails and concrete used for the foundations and joining. All labor to build our facilities was from our partners and their families, helping to keep the expenditures and revenue streams as local as possible.

fresh-caught seafood, tropical cocktails, and sunset views

Bar and Restaurant

The bar and restaurant looks out over the bay, and from the front steps you can see our local break breaking at the end of the bay, just a 10 minute walk from where you’re sitting.

We offer a set resort menu which varies according to local supplies of fish, crab, shrimp and other delicacies. The menu consists of a curated mix of Western and Asian dishes. We’re constantly refining our menu with the input from our visiting western chef friends, and we get fresh supplies once a week from the mainland, delivered on ice from our office staff there.

With 3 meals a day served up hot in the dining room, the guests usually eat together, with either plated or home-style service from our kitchen staff. We cater to special dietary needs including vegan, vegetarian and allergy-conscious choices. We aim to give you the maximum enjoyment of your meals during your visit with us, and especially gear our menu towards healthy choices. We understand what it takes to keep a body on high energy and hydrated throughout the day. We always offer on-hand cold water, iced tea, ginger/lemongrass homebrew, and fruit/herbal teas. Fresh coconuts are also available upon request.

WavePark Bar will always be the first and best-stocked bar in the Mentawais. With a dedicated bartender ready to serve your cold beverages, you’re ready to watch the sunset over our beautiful bay. Once it is dark, enjoy reliving the day’s action on the big screen with photos taken by our full-time photographer, showing everybody’s triumphs and tragedies almost life-sized in the lounge of the bar. Bring your own duty free if you wish, you only need to pay for corkage and mixers to get your personal cocktail mixed everytime.

Much more than a beach resort.

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