White Heat live in Mentawai

WavePark Mentawai Island Music Studio

Unleash your creativity on the waves and in the studio

We have a beautiful little studio available for you and your friends to record individual tracks, or play together all at once. We have a Shure vocal mic, condenser mic, electric guitars, ukelele and bass. We have pre-recorded drums as well as live hand drums and other acoustic rhythm instruments. We record everything through an analog – digital recorder, and direct into our ipad running garageband.
The WavePark music studio is available depending on our sound engineer being on the island. So if the studio is the reason you’re coming, make sure you tell us when you’re booking in, so we can plan in advance.
Here is a project we put together for a Lou Reed Tribute album, “White Heat”. The album was recorded on the island and some instruments, engineering and mastering were done post-production at various studios around the world:

Our next project was a Rolling Stones Tribute Album, the following year:

Sound like a good time? Learn more about everything included in our trip packages:

WavePark Trip Packages

We offer an additional mix-down and mastering service if you’re serious about producing a high quality demo tape or finished product for release. Our producers and engineers include Jamie Carter and his crew from CarterCo in Chicago.

We’d love to tell you more – drop us a line below!