White Heat live in Mentawai

WavePark Mentawai Island Music Studio

Unleash your creativity on the waves and in the studio

We have a beautiful little studio available for you and your friends to record individual tracks, or play together all at once. We have a Shure vocal mic, condenser mic, silvertone electric guitar and yamaha acoustic. We have pre-recorded drums as well as live hand drums and other acoustic rhythm instruments. We record everything through a Yamaha analog – digital 4 track, and direct into our laptop running Home Studio XL by Cakewalk.

Sound like a good time? Learn more about everything included in our trip packages:

WavePark Trip Packages

We offer an additional mix-down and mastering service if you’re serious about producing a high quality demo tape or finished product for release. Our producers and engineers include Jamie Carter and his crew from CarterCo in Chicago: www.cartercorecording.com

We’d love to tell you more – drop us a line below!