Mentawai Islands Surfing

Easy access to the best waves in the Mentawais. Personalized guidance from Mentawai surfing experts. WavePark provides a surf experience to transcend all others.

WavePark contains 26 named waves for all levels. Forget about having to crunch forecasts, tides, winds and swell sizes to work out where and when you should be surfing – we take care of everything. Truly the best in Mentawai Islands surfing.

Fun Waves

Fun Waves

WavePark has perfect waves for beginner surfers. No stress, no anxiety, just paddle out in the tropical warm water and have a bunch of fun!

Challenging Waves

Challenging Waves

Whether you are an expert, beginner, or somewhere in between, we will provide you with waves that are up to your ability, and usually just a little beyond.

Charging Waves

Charging Waves

At WavePark we have a few waves that can only be ridden if you are CHARGING!! This is what Mentawai Islands surfing is famous for. Consider these waves black diamonds!

The best surfing in the Mentawais

WavePark is unique in the Mentawais for many reasons:

  • Proximity – We have the highest density of good waves in the Mentawai Islands. Every wave is within a 30 minute speedboat ride from the resort.
  • Wind – Every wind is offshore somewhere. This means that you will always be surfing clean waves if you want to.
  • Swell – Our swell window is huge, from 240 SW through to 165 SE, our area rakes in the swell from the southern indian ocean.
  • Location – Our waves are the closest Mentawai waves to mainland Sumatra, which means less travel time for you between your home and our perfect waves.
  • Ability – We have waves that cater to beginners and professional surfers. We limit our guest capacity to 12 surfers, which means more waves for everybody! Every difficult wave has an alternate and easier wave nearby. This means we can split our group up for different surf abilities and preferences with lefts and rights available most days.
  • Further afield – We are the only resort to include in your package inter-island travel to look for waves and fish. With our new speedboat service, you’ll be able to reach Telescopes, Scarecrows, Icelands as well as other spots on the north coast of Sipora.
  • Skill sets – All of our surf guides are comprehensive first-aid and CPR trained.  We can do wound stitching and after care on-site.  We also have a focus on safety and injury-avoidance for the guests, with a “surfing over reefs” and “safety tips and etiquette” webisode series on the WavePark YouTube channel viewed more than 1.5 million times.
Believe me when I say that we have the conditions wired!  I have lived and surfed this area for more than 27 years. All you need to do is relax and enjoy your time here, and trust us to put you into the waves of your life.

- Christie Carter, WavePark founder

With more than 26 spots around the area there is always a wave that will suit you. The crew will make sure that you will enjoy every single surf out there no matter your surfing skills.

- Raul Villa

Much more than just great waves.

WavePark Mentawai is not just for surfers. We offer activities for the whole family, including fishing, snorkeling, SUP and more. Check out a sample itinerary and learn more about everything included in our all-inclusive trips.

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