2023 - Trip 8

Someone is getting sprayed

Anthony trying to fit in there

Levi packing a cylinder

Love a good shoulder claim!

Liam on rail!

I'll take an off-shore breeze please

Welcome back!

2023 - Trip 7

A sneaky session at a not so sneaky wave


This man goes hard.

Nico Nico Nico!

Mr Kyle... You're making everyone jealous.

Matt on a drainer!

Solo session on our fav wave!

Victoria on a BOMB!

Maxime enjoying his 10 day front yard!

Kyle is back in Action

Welcome back Mr Hale Woods!

2023 - Trip 6

Welcome to Hideaways

Empty Vault

Angry Rifles

any glassy a-frame is always appreciated Huey

Golden Hour

We have rights too!

Imaging waking up to this!

Hideaways Pumping!

pure glass


Ahhhh home!

2023 - Trip 5

Empty goodness

Patty Shwacky

All smiles over here!

Easily the best^^^

Why so serious? have fun

cheeky rifles session

Clinton at the burg

Flavien taking a big one

Tiki bomb inbound

Zach in our front yard

2023 - Trip 4

A rifles bomb that Aldo picked off

Full red Kirst @ BB's

Kelly at the Vault!

Kevin on a rare wave!

We need moreeeeee

Kevin scoring on his trip!

Sully in a Stand up tubular

Ando on a Bomb!

Oh what a feeling!

2023 - Trip 3

Quite a big wack for a little man

Vale on a fun one!

A Good Time!

The Doc putting on a clinic

Imagine paddling out to this!

Fun solo session today!

Debby getting down!

Kelly with a cheeky grin after an amazing session!

Matt Getting some Vision!

Riccardo being watched by his family

Our Home!

2023 - Trip 2

Jumping into the new season!

Sina Trimming

Fins out Friday

Christie on a nug

Carrie on a Bomb!


Some fun Waves today!

Zach loving his holiday

Kelly making a big board turn!

Couple of bros in a dingy <3

2023 - Trip 1

Empty goodness

Another spot that was on fire last year

The View!

Bankvaults was a surgical clinic in 2022. Clean, precise and consistent.

One of my favorite shots from 2022. Insanity

We Love Hideaways!

We Are Back! And this is our front yard!

2022 - Trip 32

Ty enjoying his time

Secret spot shhh

Sharing is caring

one with the clouds

Welcome back Francois

What a view

2022 - Trip 31

There's empty fun waves too

this guy is crazy!

Showing us who's boss

Bank vaults doing what it does best

Why does no one take these?

grab that rail and pull

This is why we love this place

This one was insane


ahhhh the tranquility

2022 - Trip 30

Juicy Burger

shhhh it's secret

We will miss you more than you think

Josiah at a secret spot!

Gliding like our guests

A-Frames providing

Ernesto on a bomb!

Wow, haven't seen this for a while

Ikan for dinner!

Hideaways wallet was found

2022 - Trip 29

An easy afternoon on the eyes

Oops, dropped something mate.


Relax. You're on holidays

Plan B was plan A this day

Cruising at the Bengs

This is the good life

It's all for the shot

Typical Sunset Colour

A view

2022 - Trip 28

Sad goodbye :(

Benny wrangling a wild Hideaways

Our front yard showing signs of its July self

Rob on a bomb

Sammy boy!

Pinch and a punchy left for the first day of the month!

Thiago on a spooky Halloween nug!

I see 2 out of 2 fins!

Mango with his trees

Welcome back Bert!

Welcome to your honeymoon!

2022 - Trip 27

Having fun on the back hand

Lyle @ Burgers!

Dave enjoying himself!

Charlie enjoying an empty tikis session!

Empty play ground

Thomas on a bomb!

T-Bone on a T-Bomb

our resident smiler!

some Tuesday Tubes

Out Front fun

Welcome back Jeff

2022 - Trip 26


Sunset Salute!

BV's <3

Mikel having a blast straight out front

Chris on a Bomb

Luke enjoying his holiday

Post Shwack w/ Mr Heeney

No need to take everything so serious when you're in paradise!

Alice unlocking the vault!

Stig in the drivers seat

Gurutz in the impact zone

Cleve's set up

What a day!

2022 - Trip 25

Harper @ Playg

Another fun day

Michael bringing the new month in with a bang!

We love our front yard

The princess of Hideaways

Matching family sun safety !

Craig driving

A fun solo session today!

It's now called 5 Bobs

Richard having a lot of fun

2022 - Trip 24

Craig is back!

You could wake up to this view everyday!

Ricardo enjoying the conditions.

Gustavo in his element

The school bus was running on time today!

Ducking and weaving

Dado crushing the lip

Juca sizing up a Hideaways gem

What a solo sesh

Pauly boy with a big shwack!

The Crew Has Arrived

2022 - Trip 23

Our beach is world class

Sharing is Caring

botak blowtail

We love our home Break

the Boys after a solid session

Cruising out front

Hugo on a Huge one!

Victor at the Vault

Tibo Travelling

Welcome Back Nicolas!

2022 - Trip 22

Aldon and his solo session

Fun in the Sun!


Brotherly Love

Party Wave!

A big burger for your Sunday Morning

Papa on a top shwack!

Making the most out of these conditions

Amy on a Bomb!

Cruising effortlessly

Aldon destroying an unsuspecting lip

2022 - Trip 21

10 Days of Incredible surf

Afternoon dreaming...

What a day! Aldon enjoyed it

Amanda Panda on a bomb!

Steven @ Kandui

Germany's Best

A little friend

Swell is here

A fun session today

Big Whack by Greg

2022 - Trip 20


Sina Cruising

Erik Gunning down the line

First wave @ Hideaways!

Coco having a blast!

Afternoon Light

The back drop of all back drops.

Victor Hollywood with the gallery in awe.

Linda having a GOOD time

Empty Goodness

Steven Playing Around @ the Play Ground

2022 - Trip 19

A Happy Man

Jaime Going for it!

Shane riding the red rocket at the vault!

Luis aka Larry

Goncalo on a bomb

Empty waves again...

A beautiful solo session today!

Hugh is this guy?

Welcome Back Luco!

The Hog has arrived

2022 - Trip 18

Victor's sun shower


The God Speed CRACK

Tiki bomb


A dreamy afternoon...

An everyday occurrence


Ryan pushing on those fins HARD


Maxy Carvin

Welcome back Greg!

2022 - Trip 17

Always looking at pumping waves

Paul out front


We call it Play Grounds for a reason

Dave Cruising

Craig + Vault = $$$$

N dog

Welcome Back Brett!

Does this guy looks familiar?

2022 - Trip 16

Greg on a classic Tiki Bomb

It's still raining Eric's spray by the way

He's a Prost man


Nathan on a bomb!


Solo Spanker Session

Kiddies doing Kiddie things

Transformation complete: 2ft 5"

Eric showing A-Frames who's boss

Welcome back Johnny boy!

2022 - Trip 15

See you next year Jeff!

Just us out at a perfect right!

Billy's Bank Vaults Blunder

Marysol @ Sometimes

T-Dog dropping his leash

Pile on, It's Pumping!


Nash on a drainer out front!

King of Tikis

The Powerhouse Pauly

2022 - Trip 14

"This one is going on the wall in the living room honey"

A Wild Panda was caught on camera in her natural habitat

Boss @ WavePark, absolute boss @ Kandui

Always fun when the ocean is glass

B-FAM has Hideaways locked down!

Eugene can take photos, but he also rips!

Paul with the gallery watching on

Friends reunited :)

Fred in the right place at the right time!

Empty waves are mesmerizing

Welcome Back Jeff

2022 - Trip 13

ComManda in control

3 Very happy guests

Bungalow Lima!

Welcome Back Berti

Tizzot making it look far to easy

Another perfect wave with Victor inside. Typical

Guigo substituting sunscreen for shade

Magical Rifles day

Dave's Solo Sesh

Gagga hunting

"Johno and the Tale of the Lost Spray"

Welcome back Victor!

2022 - Trip 12

The doctor is not healing this wave.

Tait @ another special wave

Ellah is very stylish

Papa Cowan showing his kids how its done

Andy + Kandui = <3

Lex on a mountain of water!

Lola enjoying her family holiday!

Montee in a perfect Kandui pit

Back at the Vault!

Lexi trading the ski's for a surfboard!

2022 - Trip 11

Having fun in the front yard!

Another one!

So much fun today @ Hideaways

We had a visitor straight out front!

Botak Begs Barrel


Deb and Caris sharing a moment

Panda rolling into a bomb straight out front

John aka Botak aka power master

Andy is 6'5 and can shrink to 2'2

Kenny and Play Grounds Left are the perfect match!

2022 - Trip 10


Augusto enjoying the run of Bank Vaults!

David is also stoked to be back in paradise

Dave is feeling at home, as you can see

Charles is back!

Tommy boy having a blast!

Welcome back Martin!

Back door bandit!

Cruising at Bank Vaults with Wheeler

Mike showing everyone how it's done!

2022 - Trip 9

Looking good Piligi!

New boats are ready to go!

Welcome back Marcy!

2019 - Trip 34


Thank you all for an amazing 2019! We are waiting you in 2020!


Joe on a nice top turn at tikis.


Peter enjoying another fun day!


Franco drawing with his twin fin.


Andi taking a cool drop.


Lola on another good one today!


Dan the man.


Petter checking out our reefs.

2019 - Trip 33


Becca on a nice bottom turn.


Another empty one out there!


Cal enjoying the tropical paradise.


Rox on a nice cover up.


Jonatas hitting the lip.


Father and son adventure!

2019 - Trip 32


Greg at one of our favorite backgrounds.


Cal on another good one.


Rod doing our favorite movement practice.


Tracy having fun at Playgrounds.


Tony got some good rights.


Joe found some barrels too!


Ash cruising with tropical background.

2019 - Trip 31


Rick at his happy place.


Kristin at her happy place.


Scott and Pedro hooked some big fish this morning!


Todd drawing nice lines.


Pedro in the green room.


Nuno is back after many years.


Denis at Hideaways.

2019 - Trip 30


Tom passing thru the tube #rightoutfront


James ending the month in a good way.


Jimmy dropped the wallet.


Tom on a top turn at spankers.


Ebay was epic today.


Jamie taking a high line.


Andrew starting the holidays routine.

2019 - Trip 29


Carlo got some barrel practice this month.


Happy birthday Missy!!


Steve found some barrels today!


Rick carving with style.


Jason liked our front yard.


Mark drawing nice lines #rightoutfront.


Mel already feeling at home.


Mark had fun at hideaways today!


Alex looking for some fishes on the reefs around us.


Chris racing into the tube.