2018 - Trip 14

Michael droping another perfect right.


Happy birthday Brogan! kakaaa!


John got some shade too.




Jarrod's barrel count is problably around 112 this trip.


Charles likes left handers now.


Matt fading at the vault.


These guys are stoked on Brogan's call for their holiday.

Martin enjoying another great day.

Nik found another perfect right.

2018 - Trip 13


Stig always makes the waves look small.


They're cooooooming.....


About as small as you can get and still getting barreled.


Showing the wave who's boss.


Jon laying down some rail.


Going left, looking right.


See ya next time buddy.


Clinton loosening up a tight board.


From where you could be.


Swell has arrived and so has Mikel


Stig first day blues.

2018 - Trip 12


Wicked hand jive.


Load 'em up.


10/10 waves today.


Small woman or big wave? Both.


Marcelo doing a "labrador"


Murilo has eye-catching shorts


Roger hiding away.


How big is it?


Big man on a big drop.


Lets start this trip with a bang.

2018 - Trip 11


Last session love.


Malia lining up the lip.


Layback Ments style.


It's a kids life.


Every wave has its day.


Daily yoga helps.


Assume the position.


She's back, better than ever.


Couple's goals take 2


Couple's goals take 1


Style so smooth, doesn't even need a wave to surf.


David is straight off the plane and into wave of the day.

2018 - Trip 10


After surf bengbengs? YES!


Right out front.


South swell love.


Whose turn is it?


High noon face race.


Artur, high and tight.


Photo bomb!


Big man, little barrel.


Kids goals.


Mouse in a hole. Round hole.


Steve is glad for that extra nose kick.


Low five.


Another beautiful day in paradise.

2018 - Trip 9


Speedboat cruise to surf.


Tony passed his test today.


Queue the choppers, apocalypse now.


Davo feeling photogenic.

The smile says it all. Stoked!


Yep, that counts.




Don't always need a board to get barreled round here.

2018 - Trip 8


Paul came late to the party, but made up for it.


If you've been here, you know.


Mal cruising on a mal.

Nice form Lauren!


Tim showing the young'un how it's done.


Always nice to get a claim from a mate.


Wazza trying to slow down.

2018 - Trip 7


Like a wavepool, but not.


No need for sunblock.


Desperately barrel seeking.


Welcome back Ben!


Must be a good session when you can ignore that one...


Patto throwing his weight around.


Scenic place for a fish...

2018 - Trip 6

bobby at tikis

Bobby showing Bob hows it's done.


Sunshine and happiness...

Arnaud hitting an epic trim line.

Michel enjoying the light wind conditions.

Mike enjoying some out front action.

I think he's hoping for a bigger wave with that move.

2018 - Trip 5

Jari, uber late drop at Tikis.

Missy going for the ear drag.

Hideaways Mentawai

Mark putting his return-guest status to obvious use.

Bob getting some kind of hand jive from the shoulder hopper.

Kevin getting some practice on his backhand.

Pirates? No, just a charter boat. Ok, maybe pirates.

Small waves are always relative in Mentawai.

Mainuk beach

First day of the season, and what a nice day it was.

2017 - Trip 31

Sundays in Mentawai....

Rainy season is looking tropical

2017 - Trip 30

Thanks for spending your 40th birthday with us Dan

craig negotiating the foam ball like a master

Simon is a charger

Barrels for breakfast

Got some really unexpected treats yesterday

Chris slashing away at Tikkis

Nic straight of the ferry and into the pocket

2017 - Trip 29

Taking a Pitstop from the daily grind out in Mentawai

Small swell brings fun for everyone

No boards needed here

Darran drawing a speedy line

Cassie enjoying the spoils of Beng-Bengs

Chris bottom turning into the weekend

Darran had a few runners with not too many people around yesterday

Inti has some tricks up his sleeve

The weather has cleared up again

Marcus is having too much fun at Wavepark to go home. Starting his second trip with some bombs

2017 - Trip 28

Gui getting one last tube before heading back to Brazil. Thanks for all the help meu irmao

Getting high on the weekend mentawai style

Troy in the pit

Richard leaning into thursday

Mister turtle came to say hello

Tuesdays fun with Marcus

Ian in the bowl

Filipe represents Ripcurl Brazil very well

Dave cruising through the weekend

Troy finding some shade on the pushing tide

Small swell still providing some runners

2017 - Trip 27

The team behind it all enjoying their last days on the island before a well deserved holiday. Have a great time Alice and Christie

Fun day fishing with the lads

Hands up if you having a good time

Bankvaults lefts are an interesting option

Pedro making his debut at Bankvaults

Some fun waves by ourselves

Bret enjoying the day with 'no swell'

Long term guest Craig certainly knows how to put his board on its rail

Beng-Bengs mini ramps

2017 - Trip 26

The fish were biting last trip.

Swells been small but weve still had some fun ones out front

Dave looking for some shade

Wavepark crew

Alice about to go to her happy place on the new single fin

Wavepark - Bringing people together

Rory showing the guys on the inside how to get down the line in style

Patrick has been checking out the new reef growth out at Hideaways

Dave standing tall into the sunset

Pat sneaking under the lip

Mark settling his first day nerves

2017 - Trip 25

Even on the transfer day Patrick keeps looking for some shade out front

Amanda hits the lip

Jorge showing that it's not only barrels out here

Pat enjoying the offshore breeze

It looks like Steve has the code for the vault

The guys trying to remember whose turn is it after so many waves to our selves

Patrick getting ready to draw his line on the wall

Steve air drops another one

Jorge found a cave to get protected from the sun

Pat showing everyone how it's done on the first day

2017 - Trip 24

Jaldir never pulls back

Rodrigo found some shade on this sunny day

Daniel ready for the vault

Esdras going fast down the line

Felipe after 20 years out of the water... looks like he still remeber how to charge

Happy birthday Isabela!

Fabio getting sun protection under the lip

Eduardo working on the high and tight move

Carlos found this gem on a sunny day

Cris going big

Ricky's quick turn

2017 - Trip 23

Casual bottom turn from Paco.

Another hard day over here.

Christie's favorite birthday present.

Jonas lays it back.

Billy getting ready for another turn.

It's the weekend

Out front has been firing on this current swell

Between getting barreled, Tom managed to fit in a few good turns also

I think all of us underestimated Patrick's ability to charge

Jamie enjoying the west wind

2017 - Trip 22

Jaime taking a day off from the surf. Not a bad alternative to going surfing really

Sunsets never get old in this place

Couples tandem surfing is another fun activity at Wavepark

Guys birthday sunset was a good one

Natalie got all the bombs in the Playgrounds this day

Phil searching for the key to the vault

Dont think we need an explanation for this shot

Sometimes showing Pete a good time

The sun is shinning and conditions are good

Finding shade on an already shady day. Guy knows the wave out front well

Victor coming off the lip in style

2017 - Trip 21

Scott in his happy place

Tim enjoying the sunshine at Tikkis

Been some amazing waves lately and the conditions look like they are getting better

Sam finding some shade on another cooking morning

Matt is stoked he joined the Phat-Hatters

Moorie on an insider at Tikkis

Casual Dave at ease on a wave that no one else wanted

Sparkles the team leader of the phat-hatters showing the boys he doesnt need a board to get the bombs. "Hands free mate"

Rob going full Indo on this bomb

Dave laying it on the rail

2017 - Trip 20

Mind surfing into the new swell thats arriving

Last evening surf of the trip coming to an end

Megan showing the boys how it is done

Calvin got some fun early morning waves to himself

Ant on a runner at Spankers

Sally adding a bit of flair to the lineup

Carlos finally found his sea legs

Pauls first day of being 57 and surfing like hes not a day older than 19

Mark Stra has been getting some amazing waves for someone who wasn't supposed to be able to surf again

Hard to beat this view from our lookout tower

Alex with a captivated audience

2017 - Trip 19

Paul has been getting some bombs lately

Stevie practicing his Balinese dance hand gestures

Marcy and her pineapple pants out the front

Paul finding some shade in the mid-day heat

Hugh showing us his Maori salute

Mark has been testing his newly shaped boards in the perfect conditions

Long time guest Craig putting it on the rail at Tikkis

The ladies have been on form lately

We all wish we were having as much fun as this style-master

Jack saw some fish under the boat

2017 - Trip 18


Brotherly love.

Laurence launches.

Jaime hacks hard , full rail turn.

The down the line view .

John rides a mountain of water.

I can still make it.

Big, round, hollow......happy.

Laurence was surfing these waves on his own while everyone else was at grass is greener's.

Sashimi already sorted on day 2.

It looks scary out there , i'm staying in here.

2017 - Trip 17

Greg scores a chunky one.

And the contestants for Mentawai next top model are........

Pat's mate trys to high five him mid cutback.

Jules slides into another one of many he caught like this.

Stu working his way up to another olympic medal in a different sport.

Happy birthday Ant.. Love from Huey.

Your almost there little guy , keep going you can do it.

Cam's brother picked the right lures for him to bring on holiday.

Up / down and round and round.

Nick hand drags his way through first wave in the Mentawai.

2017 - Trip 16

Gui's injured shoulder didn't stop him from pulling in a res one.

Ian in the slot.

You know the waves are good when the boys hold their broken boards with smiles on their face.

The perfect waves continue at almost every break.

Siro scores perfect glass.

Gui goes big.

Alex finds ome fun waves amongst the massive swell.

Full body extension , Henrique standing tall.

Raul stayed a few extra days, worth it !

The famous clean-up set.

The famous Tiki bomb.

2017 - Trip 15

Dear Peru, we have all decided to stay here at Wavepark, we will be home when we get there.

Alex goes vert.

Golden spray.

Jeff says hi to Jonathon from the tube.

Raul gets wave of the day.

Shark attack!!

Thats what friends are for.

Hello again Papa Rafa.

The picture perfect scene.

Andres was peaking to go surf.

2017 - Trip 14

Jesus christ pose.

Island bro-mance.

Jared finds himself a warm and cosy tunnel to hide in.

The look on Nigels face says it all... surfing is FUN !!

Coog samples the mellower end of the wave buffet.

Serious face for a serious wave.

Tissot is doing 2 trips. That's already 15 days with these conditions.

Fred going for broke. But he didn't break.

Guigo puts his newfound "Japanese technology" to the test.

Oh, the taste of the Susu Marie after 4 hours in the water.

First session off the plane and Ben has already paid for the trip.

2017 - Trip 13

The long run of swell continues.

Almost every afternoon looks something like this.

Big men , small boat.

Grow up Matt !!.........NEVER.!!

Jezza tucks into another one.

Few days in and we have lost count of Guigo's barrels.

Deep in the hole.

Power hack.

This swell is here to stay for many more days to come.

Clinton visits us again and its worth it.

2017 - Trip 12

Moments before a big storm things got mystical.

For sail.

Yes that is a move, radical.

Don't try to talk tough, you like this photo because its pretty.

This was not today , but just found this shot from a while ago of our old mate Robert, this is a serious wave. Look at it !!

Local youngster Mamat gouges a hefty chunk out of the wave.

Neta gets the wave of the session.

Just a fin and corner of the tail glideing Tyler through this air lift bottom turn.

Casual style is the best style.

Injured knee, reef scrapes cover half the body , just a teaspoon of cement is all you need said Wasabi.

2017 - Trip 11

What's'up ,Late drop SUP

If this turn was any higher on the lip is called an air

Perfect light.

Looks good from far, but is it ?

Nothing better than barrels.

We work as a team and do it my way.

Swell had some size today.

Darren shows off for uncle john.

Just one of John's many great rides today.

Mikey tests his repaired board.

More of nature's art.

2017 - Trip 10

Tail slide.

Always an exciteing moment when a section like this is ahead.

Nice turn.

Off the top.

So many activities.

Lucy shows her wave who is boss.

Beautiful view.

Ant hanging out in the barrel.

Crisp clear water shot.

Dave pulls a nice backhand hook.

Nature is magical.

Dad shows the kids how to use power instead of tricks.

2017 - Trip 9

Released after a few glory shots.


Morning of the earth style.

Cremo grabs himself a nice chunk of indian ocean swell.

James finds a clean line off the bottom.

Hard to beat a water shot.

Surfboards are for kids.

The swell didn't dissapoint.

How romantic.

2017 - Trip 8

Don't mess with the wavepark boat crew.

Artur hunts some shade.

Afternoon glow.

Its an even better drop when i tell you he made it.

Vampire sunset.

Jason gets the yellow submarine's fins out.

Happy happy holidays.

2017 - Trip 7

Not real sure how a turn could be any more critical than this.

Look at the beautiful knotsmanship on that hammock.

Keith slides into another perfect setup.

Mark with a nice open face cutdown.

Shiny green gold.

Wade was missing shooting the pier so he shot through the trees instead.

Missy does her best impression of a bird and trys to fly.

2017 - Trip 6

Perfect peeling waves.

Power layback.

A bottom turn and a top turn at the same time.

Fabio-lous wave.

10 points for height,,,, Control? , well not so much.

More of a peacock tail than a rooster tail.

Smooth speed turn.

2017 - Trip 5

Something smells fishy.

Longboard , shortboard, doesn't matter

Spankers about as good as it gets.

Get a haircut and get a real job kid.

Claus , sunsmart and in control.

Tim does his best to camouflage himself to the color of the water.

T-bone trys to fit his beard in the barrel.

2017 - Trip 4

Only way to be more relaxed than this is asleep.

Long board , long drop.

South winds are back, TERIMA KASI BANYAK.

Another wave we usually expect to see later in the year.

Now that is taking off right on the peak.

Early season surprise.

Nice way to start off , clean waves all to yourself.

2017 - Trip 3

Almost the surfers view.


Martin trims high through a fast section.

The boys did actually do some fishing in between drinking beers.

Trim the rocks.

Martin found somewhere out of the wind.

Keep it relaxed.

2017 - Trip 2

Close up, don't spray the camera.

Luke does this 8 hrs every day, he is a machine.