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Covid Restrictions for Indonesia

Covid Restrictions for Indonesia

To check in for an international flight to Indonesia:

-Printed paper copy of proof of covid vaccinations
-Until 28 FEB 2023, you needed to download the PeduliLindungi app, but as of 01 MAR 2023, it has changed to SatuSehat app.

Visa On Arrival:

Tourist VOA (visa of arrival): RP 500,000 (payable upon arrival into Indonesia)  You may also apply for an e-VOA in advance with this link:

Indonesian Customs:
-Indonesia has changed their customs card to an electronic Customs Declaration (e-CD) that you can access with a QR code after Immigration, near the baggage claims in Jakarta.

We do our best to keep this up to date, but there will always be changes that are not reflected here. ie: we take no responsibility for the fact that this information may occasionally be out-of-date or erroneous.

Current info (updated 2 May, 2023):

QUARANTINE INDONESIA: For foreigners fully vaccinated, there is no quarantine. It is no longer necessary to have a negative test prior to departure, nor an additional PCR test upon arrival into Indonesia, as of April 6th.

DOMESTIC TRAVEL: It is no longer necessary for domestic passengers within Indonesia on planes or boats to provide a negative PCR or antigen test as a prerequisite for travel.

TRAVEL INSURANCE: It is mandatory to have travel insurance for a trip to WavePark and also mandatory for entry to Indonesia. The medical portion of the coverage must include losses due to covid19 symptoms.




We recommend to have a physical vaccine card easily available for your international travels, especially as you enter Indonesia.

We recommend your flight itinerary route through Jakarta as your international arrival airport. The airport has the code CGK. Coming through Jakarta will mean the best chance of avoiding disruption to domestic flights etc.

We recommend for domestic flights, only choosing Garuda Indonesia as your carrier. Don’t cut corners on this cost, it’s not worth the hassle of having disruptions with other airlines. Garuda is the most dependable in our experience.

We recommend booking your flights to give yourself at least 1 full day on either side of your trip for logistics challenges, flight cancellations, weather events etc. Don’t try and make everything “down to the wire.”

We recommend choosing travel insurance that has a “deposit protection” policy, so that if you can not join your trip to WavePark, that your non-refundable deposit can be claimed back.

If you’ve heard of a change in travel information for Indonesia, but don’t yet see it here, the industry sites and posts that we recommend you should keep bookmarked are:

IATA Travel Map powered by Timatic. Click on the country you’re interested in, and a list will appear of all the current restrictions in place. Note this information is “current”, and will not list “planned” or “pending” change in restrictions.

Director General Indonesian Immigration Instagram page: Believe it or not this is the best place to hear about the latest rules and regulations controlling immigration for foreigners coming into Indonesian. Most of the posts relevant to foreigners will be in Indonesian and English, but not all. They advertise “DM US!” so feel free to direct message them, but honestly, they’ve never answered any of my questions via DM.

The Jakarta Post: Is Indonesia’s premiere English language newspaper. Unfortunately a lot of their articles are “premium service”, but they are good about announcing and explaining current events and changes to law, and importantly what plans (if any) that the government has.

The Straits Times: is a Singapore-based publication that will also release stories about important changes in Indonesian travel regulations. It is all in English and not so much focused on “premium service required”.