WavePark Mentawai beaches are perfect for snorkeling, swimming, and paddleboarding.

Once you have booked, feel free to print this page for all the little details about what to expect on your trip.

The WPM price is all-inclusive, per person price and is subject to the WavePark Booking Conditions. We cater to 14 guests with a maximum of 12 surfers.  For the purposes of purchasing merchandise mentioned below at the time of writing (January 2023), one USD $ is worth about 15,000 Rupiah.

The daily WavePark Resort price includes:

  • All Airport – Hotel – Speedboat/Ferry transfers and return.

A WavePark representative/guide in Padang will pick you and your group up at the airport and take you in our private air conditioned transport to your hotel.  In 2023, it is mandatory for all guests to spend a night in Padang on the way out to the island.  It is also mandatory for guests to spend a night in Padang on the way back from the island.  The hotel is not included in the price, but we can book a hotel for you before you arrive, and we have various recommendations depending on your price and facility preference.

Sampan Baru, our own fast speedboat leaves Padang at 7am for WavePark.  Sampan Baru will not wait for you if your plane is delayed, or wait for your surfboards if they miss a connection along the way, this is why we ask guests to show up the night before the departure date.  To give you an idea on the cost of missing the boat, the cheapest decent speedboat to charter in Padang bound for Mentawai is around $1,600 USD one way.  If you are late and you want to get to the island, this is what it will take to get to the island by yourself.

  • All speedboat transfers in and around the WavePark.

Search for surf, snorkel, fish and explore, all day, everyday. During regular season we also include the cost of exploring waves outside of the WavePark area including Telescopes, Icelands and Scarecrows should conditions warrant the mission.  The speedboats we use for transport are capable of 20-30 knots, cruising full with guests around 22 knots. We can reach Padang in an emergency in 3 hours depending on weather conditions. We are the only resort that keeps our guest transfer boat always on standby anchored just off the beach in front of the resort.

  • All food and drink, except alcohol.

Our chefs cook up 3 hot meals a day.  Food is a mix of Western cuisine including pizza, pasta, homemade muffins and bread daily, sandwiches, fish burgers, fries, salads and breakfast specialties.  Indonesian favorites include rice-based fresh fish dishes, vegetarian curries, fried rice and noodles, etc.  We supply surf snacks to go with each mission to the waves including fresh fruit,crackers, cookies, biscuits and candy bars. COLD cordial, ice tea and other drinks are all included.  Coke, Sprite, Ginger-Ale, Tonic,Soda water and Coke Zero are all available @ Rp. 30,000 / can.

2023 Price Guide
$40 US/30 minutes
$60 US/60 minutes
$90 US/90 minutes

Beers from 60,000
Mixed drinks from 70,00
Sodas / Juice 30,000
Espresso from 60,000
Laundry RP 45,000/per 6 pieces
Surfboard rental $50 US per day
Surf photo package $200 US per person
Internet: First 2 hours complimentary then 7,500/minute up to 1,050,000 or $70 for unlimited use during your stay.

We stock cold drinks including Bintang, Heineken, Prost, and micro brew.  We also have a full bar for mixed, blended and shaken drinks.  There is a corkage charge of Rp.50,000 on any bottle of duty free brought in the bar.  A single liquor shot is Rp. 70,000.  There is a 10% tax levied on all consumables from the bar, as required by law.

There are always crackers, bread, jams, jellies and peanut butter, cookies and snack bars available to guests as surf fuel and in between meals.  Tea, coffee, juices and water are available at all times, all day, everyday.  Drinking water is carbon-filtered rain water caught on our roofs, and 19 liter water bottles are refilled daily and distributed daily into individual drinking containers.  Water for showering and toilets is from a well located near each of the bungalows.  Fruit is as variable as it is seasonal including, mangos,bananas, papaya, watermelon, apples, oranges, limes, mangosteens, snake-fruit, passion-fruit and other kinds of local fruit that are rare and delicious.  Fruit is always available during the day and is mainly served on pancakes or as fruit salad with home-made muesli during breakfast.  Muffins are cooked fresh every morning and among the favorite treats for our guests.  Espresso coffees are always available upon request.

  • Island accommodation

6 bungalows were completed between 2007 – 2012.  The bungalows are designed to accommodate a family of 4, two in a private bedroom, and 2 in a shared living room space.  Wherever possible, we will be utilizing the bungalows for only 2 guests at a time.  The bungalows have an indoor/outdoor bathroom, complete with a double vanity, western style toilet and a couple’s hot/cold shower.  We utilize solar water heaters.

The sleeping arrangements at WPM are very comfortable and everything that a guest could want is supplied by the WPM.  Each room has 2 single beds that are convertible into a California King-sized bed.  Spring mattresses are custom made on the mainland. Permethrin impregnated mosquito nets are provided by Surf Aid International and recommended by the World Health Organization as being effective against malaria carrying mosquitoes.  Electricity is generated by WPM 24/7, powering individual fans for every bed. WPM provides guests with towels for shower use, but not for beach or surf use.  Please bring your own beach towels.

  • A personal guide

In our 25th year of operation we have over 50 years combined experience surf and fish guiding in the WavePark.  A personal guide is provided to advise on the waves/fish/local conditions.

  • Tax

Since 2016 the Mentawai Government charges all surfers Rp. 1,000,000 (about $70 USD) for 15 days surfing in Mentawai.  If you are not a surfer, you will not be asked to pay this.  We we organize your registration and payment prior to your arrival.  A 10% restaurant tax is also levied on your bar consumables.

  • Equipment

Our island has four diesel generators running 220v day and night with Indonesian two-prong round pin outlets, with a capacity up to 30 kilo-watts. Freezers/fridges, ceiling, wall, and floor fans, and flat screen TV with DVD and movies.  Music players are in each bungalow.  Our facilities include battery charging outlets, LED lights, full bar, espresso maker, Bose surround sound system for our movie nights on the big screen, regulation size pool table and ping pong table and nightly slide shows of the day’s surfing action taken by our resort photographers.

  • Communications and keeping in touch:

As of mid-2022, we are able to get 4G (ish) on the island. WavePark keeps a satellite phone on standby for direct telephone nationally and internationally.  The guests can use the telephone as needed at Rp. 40,000 per minute. The number on the island, including country code is: +8821676005313

We offer complete internet access including browsing with a speed of 384 kbps (fast enough for SKYPE).  Internet is free for the first 2 hours, and then charged at RP. 7,500/minute, up to a maximum of RP. 1,050,000 ($70) for unlimited internet during your entire trip.  Sunday is WIFI free day and although there is internet still available through ethernet in the office, the WIFI will be turned off for 24 hours. Enjoy it! There is a PC and laptop computer available for guests use, with printing services for an additional cost.  VHF radio keeps us in contact with local vessels and mainland Siberut and provides backup communication.

  • Round trip private speedboat transfer.

The speedboat transfer for Padang – WavePark is included in your price.  The trip takes 3.5 hours and is on WavePark’s private speedboat with 750 horsepower.  Safety equipment on board includes: life jackets, life boat, VHF radio, GPS/Sounder, EPIRB emergency beacon, satellite telephone, hand-held GPS and autonomous real-time navigational tracking system, GOST Nav-Tracker.

    Not Included:

Hotel accommodation, meals or drinks while in Padang.

Transfers to surf outside the WavePark, except in regular season.

Alcohol, sodas and beer, which is for sale in our full bar on the island.

Porters for lifting personal luggage at the airport.



  • Do I need a Visa on Arrival in Indonesia?

If you are planning on staying in Indonesia for more than 30 days, you can purchase a VOA (Visa On Arrival) at the airport.  The VOA is extendable by 1 month at the nearest immigration office.  Otherwise arrival visas are free.  The ‘Visa on Arrival’ fee amounts to US$ 35 for a 30-day visa, payable in crisp series (2006) or newer USD at the airport upon arrival.  Some countries citizens are not allowed visas to enter Indonesia.  If in doubt please check the Indonesian Embassy closest to you.

  • What should we bring?

You’ll find a list by clicking here.

  • Can you make any first aid kit recommendations?

We have a complete medical kit including suturing equipment, braces, bandages, malaria test kits, malaria medicine and a full spectrum of antibiotics, etc.  Any medical emergencies will be either transported to the medical clinic in Siberut (1 hour by speedboat) or back to Padang by speedboat or flight.  Emergency fuel for this occasion is always on hand at the WavePark.  Please note that although WavePark Mentawai strives to have all of the below products in stock, in times of heavy usage, it may take days for us to replenish supplies from the mainland.  Therefore it is recommended that you bring your own from this list, and leave it behind when you go.  If you need help and run out, you’ll also be glad somebody else left some behind.

  • Recommended First Aid Kit for WavePark Mentawai

Basic Kit:

  • Any personal medication along with medication for anything you’re susceptible to, for example: ear and/or sinus infection, allergies, UTIs, asthma, stomach/diegstive ailments, skin ailments
  • Small bottle of 3% hydrogen peroxide
  • Sterile cotton gauze squares (boxes)
  • Primapore (or equivalent) is a non-stick wound covering surrounded by a skin adhesive tape.  It allows wound protection from dirt etc in the same way band-aids do, but is larger and the skin adhesive parts completely surround the wound covering parts. Suggest 4 inch size/ 10cm width
  • Fresh disposable razor

Full kit:

  • All Basic Kit items + :
  • Small bottle aqueous chlorohexidrine
  • Q-tips / earbuds
  • New toothbrush for scrubbing wounds
  • Duoderm (or equivalent) is a waterproof colloidal dressing patch useful for large area full-thickness abrasions and ulcers which are not infected.
  • Antibiotics for skin infections and ear infections
  • Athletic tape

For Doctors / Nurses: There are a few medical items that are difficult or unavailable in Padang that would very helpful to bring with and donate to our medical kit if not needed during your stay.

  • Sutures, all sizes
  • Antibiotics for gram negative infections
  • Pain killers and muscle relaxants for serious injuries / medical evacuations
  • Epi-pens
  • Sterile gauze
  • Sterile gloves
  • Where are we going to surf?

We have 26 named waves to choose from in the WavePark, and others that have no name and are secret, surfed only by us on special swells.  We also include longer boat trips to Telescopes, Scarecrows and Icelands in our daily price for regular season trips only.  Of special interest, Hideaways, a fantastic left hand reef break, breaks only 5 minutes walk and paddle from the central accommodation, breaking on both high and low tide.  An intermediate to advanced wave, Hideaways is an addiction that guests return to again and again to get their fix.   The nearest right-hander is called Tikis, or Napussi which is 10 minutes from the camp.  Tikis is the swell magnet of the WavePark and is below head high for only a couple days a season.  There is ALWAYS something to surf in the WavePark. If Tikis is too small, Burgerworld will have something.

More famous waves in the area include Bank Vaults, Rifles, Kandui Left, Ebay, Playground, Candys and Pit-stops.  Our speedboat will deliver us to any of the waves within 30 minutes, and we often check multiple waves on each mission.

At ANYTIME a speedboat or charter boat can be hired to get to and from Padang for around $1,700-3,300 USD.  The speedboat can take anywhere from 3-6 hours to reach the WavePark, depending on weather conditions.

  • What are my risks of getting malaria at the WavePark?

The risk while on the island is very small because there are usually very few people on the island aside from our guests and crew.  This means that there are very few potential carriers for the mosquitoes to bite.  In order for the Malaria parasite to be transferred, a mosquito must bite somebody that is infected and then be alive for a week while the parasite undergoes a life cycle change.  Then it must bite another person for them to get infected.  If there is nobody infected to bite, there is no malaria, period. We have cleared approximately 8 hectares of land around the houses to cut down on mosquito reproduction habitats.  Luckily the surfing season corresponds with the dry monsoon season, so the mosquitoes are fewest when the waves are biggest.

At WPM we use preventative measures and try not to get bitten in the first place.  It is recommended that guests bring light cotton pants, socks and long sleeve shirts.  After the shower before dusk, covering up with this apparel is the best protection against being bitten from mosquitoes.  Shirts and pants should be loose-fitting, as mosquitoes can bite through tight-fitting clothing.  We light mosquito coils every night, and combined with the ceiling and floor fans, the mosquitoes have a difficult time landing. Insect repellent is on hand at all times, and our mosquito nets for sleeping are dipped in pyrethrum insecticide.  Mosquitoes are repelled and eventually die on contact with the nets, but it is safe for humans.

We recommend that guests do NOT ingest anti-malarial (Lariam/Doxycycline/Malarone/ACT) drugs while on the island.  For trips longer than 10 days, we recommend that they bring Larium or Malarone with them in case symptoms do appear.  Anti-malarial drugs have been known to cause such side effects as hyper-sensitivity to sunlight and even psychotic episodes, as well as increasing risk of the area developing a drug-resistant strain of the parasite.

It is of course up to you whether or not they want to take the preventative malaria medication, and you are encouraged to seek medical advice before your trip.

  • What if I need medical or dental care?

WPM stocks a full medical kit including suturing and minor-surgical equipment. Small medical problems can be dealt with directly on the island.  There is a doctor 1 hour by speedboat from the WavePark for consultation as necessary.  Anything remotely serious must be dealt with in Padang.  Several hospitals offer modern medical care in Padang, but it is recommended that a guests with any medical complaints fly directly to Singapore to seek medical attention.  Hospitals in Singapore cover any eventuality including Tropical Medicine specialists that rank among the best in the world.

  • Do you recommend travel insurance?

Travel/Medical insurance including Medivac facilities is mandatory as per booking conditions.  Proof of Travel/Medical insurance will be required before departure to the WavePark from Padang.

  • Can I plug in my devices?

Each bungalow has its own sound system. Bring your own device if you want to listen to music as we don’t supply them. We also supply an AUX cable to plug into the stereo. Camcorder and camera batteries can be charged in this way as long as they have the proper adapters.  AC power (220/110 V) is also available via generator.  Laptops can be charged at 110 – 220V.  You will need an international plug adapter for your computer.  Most laptops will accept either 110v or 220v with no problems, but you’ll still need the correct adapter for the plug in the wall. Indonesia plugs are two round pins.

  • What about a typical day?

Usually everybody who wants to surf is up by 0730-0800 at the latest.  Guests who wish to venture out and surf earlier at Hideaways may do as they please.  After everybody is up, a decision is made whether to eat a cooked breakfast first, or to eat something on the road to the surf.  Breakfast is served at 0700-0800 and everybody is generally in the boat and ready to surf by 0900.  A decision is made by the guides regarding the morning’s surf session, depending upon the local conditions and the surfers’ differing abilities.  It takes 10-35 minutes to reach the waves and the guests surf until noon-1pm or so.  We return to the resort and have a hot lunch, after which time a rest is usually taken by all.  At around 2-3 pm the afternoon session is agreed upon by those who still want to surf.  Guests return to the camp before sunset so that a shower and mosquito repellant is applied before dusk.  A hot meal is served at around 7:30pm, and unless bar and night activities take precedence, everybody is in bed exhausted and asleep by 9:30pm.

  • Are there any mainland activities?

There is sometimes 1 day either side of a WavePark Mentawai trip that is spent on the mainland in Padang, Sumatra.  A guide is supplied while in the city of Padang, and guests are shown various cultural highlights according to every taste.  There are museums, restaurants, shopping, sightseeing, beaches, jungles, snorkeling, nightlife and live music to name a few.  There are even single day white-water rafting trips to be enjoyed when the weather cooperates, and more than enough to do to keep one busy.  There are Internet cafes and international phone booth establishments for those who want to keep in touch with home or who have business concerns.  Hotel rooms are not included in the price, but we can book the hotel room for you prior to your arrival if you wish.

  • Who will pick us up at the airport?

When you arrive at the Padang airport, you will be met by a WavePark representative holding a WavePark sign and/or wearing a WavePark shirt.  They will assist you with your luggage and transfer to the city.  However, if for some reason (car breakdown, traffic jam etc.) there is nobody there, please use the following numbers in their respective order to contact our staff.

Please note that porters at the airport are not included in your daily rate.  If you choose to help the local economy by hiring porters, we recommend bringing small change in the local currency, as they won’t have any change to give you.  Rp.50,000 per piece of luggage is plenty to get from the baggage carousel to the WavePark luggage truck.

  • Just in case, who can we contact?

Cell Ketut …………(Padang Manager)…+62 81289665000
Cell Christie……..(CEO) …………………..+62 8126607764
Note: If in Padang, drop the +62 country code and add a zero for cell phones, ex: +62812 660 7764 becomes 0812 660 7764.


International WavePark:………………….. [email protected]
Island email address:……………. [email protected]
  • Walk me through the booking process?

1) All booking availability must be confirmed via [email protected]
Bookings are minimum 10 days, no maximum length of stay.  We cater to a maximum 12 surfers with 14 guests, but no minimum number of guests.  Our trip schedule is available with planned departure days.

2) The following must be completed by client once availability has been checked:

  • Booking conditions read.
  • Booking form read and to be signed apon arrival in Padang/WavePark.
  • Guest passport details emailed: Full Name, Birth date, Expiry date, Nationality & Number
  • $500 USD deposit per guest
  • Flight Itinerary emailed to agent
  • Travel/Medical Insurance- MANDATORY


Write us for Wire Transfer information.

Any bank fees are responsibility of client. Commissions subtracted are subject to agreement between WavePark Mentawai and their individual agents.

Booking and payment code will be relayed via email/fax once receipt of deposit is received.  Payment code may be quoted for remaining balance if cash payment is to be in Padang, or via bank draft/transfer at least 60 days prior to departure.

If you plan to exchange money while in West Sumatra, please remember to bring brand new USD cash with you, serial numbers starting with “H” and dates newer than 2006 only.  The banks give horrible exchange rates for any cash that is older or of a different series than that described above.

You traveled far to get here because you’re looking for a unique experience, far away from commercial resorts and over-crowded waves. With a maximum of 12 guests at a time, we at WavePark are here to provide a customized experience for each guest.  You won’t need to do anything other than decide whether you want to surf, fish, snorkel or read on the beach that day.